Sunday, April 13, 2008

Cherry Blossoms

What a rich and full weekend we have had. No mopping about for Jenna dear. Thank you Jesus! Jenna dear who by the way called us on her way to the beach for the second time this weekend, (So happy to hear the joy and excitement back in her voice.) has made a couple of friends, one gal from Portland, and one from Chicago. Sounds like she has found some girls to giggle and laugh with. Jesus, you are so good!

But back to my weekend :] We had a draining day on Friday helping our son, move out of his apartment and storing his stuff in a storage unit for the summer while he is going to be gone working for Outward Bound. Outward Bound is a company that takes people on extreme outdoor excursions. (Josh leads teams in mountaineering, and rock climbing.) So he is bunking down in Jenna's room for the next 2 weeks while he finishes his finals at school, and heads off for some spring training for his mountaineering classes in Yosemite. (Yes, I do have extremely adventurous children, my husband’s genes) It has been very nice having him around, if only for a few weeks.

Saturday evening we entertained some good friends. In the midst of good food, good fellowship (Sandy would be so proud of me!) friends of Jenna’s dropped by and sat down and had a bite to eat with the old folks. I must admit hearing the front door that time of the evening opening and shutting with a house full of friends made me think my daughter was home for a second. Good times were had by all. Sunday turned into a day of spontaneous fellowship. Friends from church joined us for a nice Sunday lunch. Then we headed over to their place to help them bottle up some Rose`wine. Our friend John is a wine vintner, who is on his way to starting up his own winery. He is doing some of his own wines on a small scale at this time. Both he and his lovely wife are ex-YWAMERS. (the same org. Jenna is with) So it was nice to chat with them and catch up on their family’s goings on. But there was one more wonderful surprise in store for me this weekend. When we arrived at our friend’s home, the cherry blossoms on their property had just opened up that day, and greeted us with beauty and delight. The scents wafting in the air were just as lovely.
So enjoy my quick snaps. I couldn’t help think about Sara and her beautiful photography as I was taking these pictures, especially her wisteria blossoms this spring. If you get a chance, go check out her beautiful photo journal blogs. Later this week I will get back to the boys wine bottling experience.

All and all it was a fabulous weekend. I know the Lord knew I needed some distractions, and He never disappoints!


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Beautiful weekend! Cherry blossoms just for you. God is that good!! Wonderful to read that Jenna is feeling so much better and that she has already found new friends to hang out with.

You really do have adventurous kiddos!

Sandy said...

Love all the blossom photos and the TULIPS! Wow!

Alice said...

So good to hear that Jenna is back to her happy self, enjoying all that life has to offer. I love your cherry blossom pictures. I have a flowering crabapple that is ready to bloom any day. It is the first thing I check each morning.

Knitting Mania said...

Amazing how the Lord provides all our needs, even those of "cherry blossoms", just for you Sis!! :)

Great pics of our Joshy boy!! Glad his plans for summer our set.

I'm off to check out Megan's new Blog..yay!!!!

Happy Monday, luv ya!

DeeDee said...

My goodness...things seem to be moving right along...I am quite impressed with your children...and now this son...a mountain climber..."heavenly day"! The cherry blossoms are just happy to hear Jenna is doing well and so is her sweet mother...Dee Dee

Strider said...

Hey, where were the pic's of Dan, John, Josh, and I racking off the Rose'? By the way, thanks for stopping off at the blog and commenting. I appreciate your feed back.

Nadine said...

Great photos. I can't believe how much of hubby's genes are in Josh. I'm sure he'll have a blast.

Give Jenna my love next time you speak to her.

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

I'm so enjoying the new photos of your grandbaby. Puddin' Toes in that knit cap with the flowered border is too adorable for words.

Sara said...

Oh, how I would love to live near those cherry trees! My favorite fruit, and such pretty blossoms. Your photos are wonderful, by the way. Thank you for your kind words about my blog.

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