Friday, April 4, 2008

The Eaglet has landed!

The Eaglet has landed!
Oh my, it has been a rough three days. We just heard from Jenna 12:00 noon in Australia, 9:00 pm Friday night in the States. Jenna has had a rough trip, and all we knew from 3 one minute phone calls for the last 48 hours was that she was very sick. We got a call from Hong Kong that she was vomiting and sick the whole 14 hour flight from LAX to Hong Kong. She couldn't communicate with anyone once she landed, couldn't find her gate, and could stay on the phone, because she had to vomit again. She had a 7 hour lay-over; then she got to fly for another 8 hours to Australia. Dan spent an hour or so on the phone trying to locate her in the place we paid for her to rest in Hong Kong. When he finally got the right place they assured us, she was safe, they knew she was sick and told us she was sleeping in one of their little rooms. When she finally made it to the YWAM base, and called me for another 1 minute conversation, she told me some lady on the plane saw how sick she was and gave her a pill... and than she fell asleep ???????? That freaked my husband out. But I am just thanking God and thinking the lady was an angel. She couldn't stay on the phone because she was still so sick and tired, and it was 1:00 am in the morning. Poor kid, she told me tonight when she called that it took her 35 minutes to get to her gate in Hong Kong from the place she was waiting, because she had to stop and vomit so many times on the way. I have been a worried momma. Hearing her voice just awhile ago has now calmed all my fears. I just needed to know she was alright. Her voice sounded excited, and back to normal even in the midst of torrential rains and bugs....apparently they have lots of bugs there, both times I have talked to her, she was freaking out over the bugs…I’m guessing cockroaches eeewwwwwh. Just to know she is safe and with people that will take care of her will let this mom sleep tonight.

I don’t remember it being so hard when my son left at eighteen. He only went to Seattle and of course we could still see him once in awhile. When my middle daughter left at 19, she had just gotten married and left for CA. two weeks later. I missed her terribly and it was rough at first, because she was so far away from home. At least we could still pick up the phone and talk. This has so far been the worst separation. Not being able to talk to Jenna and help her when she was so sick was tough. In a few days she will get a sim card for her cell phone, and she said she will have internet by Tues. I am just so grateful to God that my baby is okay and has arrived safely. I am beginning to realize that I am going to need a bit more faith for this little eaglet, being so very far away from the nest.

Good bye girl, fly high!

Eagles Wings by Hillsong


DeeDee said...

A mother's and father's worst fears...out of the "safety net" for the first time and unable to protect them. Bless your hearts..I completely felt your worry..her sick..the stranger with the pill...sounds like some spiritual warfare going on...Just keep lifting her up to the Lord.. I'll pray for Jenna as well...Dee Dee

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh no, I am so sorry that Jenna was you think it was motion sickness/air sickness? That just makes that layover in Hong Kong with the special arrangements all that much more of a "God thing."

Hang in there, Mom! God's got it all under control.

Kim S in SC said...

Oh to watch our children grow up and away. What a joy it must be to see her going to HIM even as she goes away from home. PRaying that her illness will subside quickly. Praying for peace and rest for worried mama! Right there with you!

Nicholas said...

She will be missed! I'll be over there soon for some Italian food! :-)

Nadine said...

I'm so grateful she finally landed. It's difficult when they are so far away. I totally understand how you feel. Hang in there, it will get better when you have better access.

Knitting Mania said...

Oh Cindy, let me wipe away the tears so I can leave this

Those photo's in the airport, that one with Danny BLAaaaaaaaaaa!!!!

So good to talk with you today and find out that she's safe and, "ALIVE" (private joke). ;)

Can't wait to read her blog after Tuesday. Get a good night sleep Sissy, Jesus is holding her tight!


Strider said...

I'm glad she is safe and sound now. God is good. I'll lend you Tabitha if you need some girl company or something!!! I loved the picture of Dan. I think there is still some estrogen still coursing through his body! He hasn't killed it all off like he told me....Tell him Strider said that!

Alice said...

Oh, poor Jenna. How awful to be sick like that and forced to keep moving. That lady who gave her the pill probably debated long and hard whether to offer it to Jenna. And I'm sure Jenna hesitated to take it. But it seems it helped her a lot.

Barbara said...

I was so so sorry to read this and can imagine just how difficult it must have been for you and so awful for Jenna. Sounds like she had food poisoning or something. Cannot imagine how all that would be on the plane.
So glad she has arrived and is chirpy and being looked after now.She certainly had a baptism of fire.

EM said...

To see her fly is to know that He has her under the shadow of His wings. The adventure for her is great and the time on your knees will far exceed that with which you will fully understand. The impact that she carries with her is a gift from two wonderful parents that have let her spread her wings to soar! This is one eaglet to rejoice with as she flies towards her destiny!

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