Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walla Walla Washington

 Here is a little tour of the art, the scenery,and the vibe of a few wineries I have recently visited in Walla Walla Washington. I love saying that :)
 Approaching the town of Walla Walla on the outskirts sits a winery called Waterbrook.  This is their brand new tasting room.  What I am beginning to find fascinating is the winery art.  Each place has it's own vibe and style.  In this the third largest winery in the State of Washington, we found some interesting creatures on the outside and some fun oil paintings on the inside. 

 Driving out into the country we found some great vistas.

 Here is a winery where the wine maker/artist is from Italy.  His paintings were all around the building.

  This was a small tasting room in downtown with a youthful vibe called Righteous. Josh McDaniel The winemaker was only 21!  

Back out into the countryside we visited a really upscale winery by appointment only.
When we walked into the amazing tasting room we were greeted by several pieces of Chihuly glass art. He is based out of Seattle Washington.  He exhibits around the world. Do check this link out for a peek. 

 This chandelier was amazing.  The bottom picture shows the scale of the piece. 

I was completely taken back by how much this sleepy little town has grown up in the last five or so years.  The downtown is amazing, full of shops, restaurants, and tasting rooms.  So much to see, I will have to go back for several trips this summer. It is just a pleasant 45 minute drive from my house.


melissa said...

Wonderful photos...thanks so much for the tour! :) Looks like you had such a good time.

Von said...

That Va Piano Bruno's Blend is my favorite red from all the Walla Walla wineries Gary and I visited last June. Gotta get back over for some more!

We also enjoyed a little barrel tasting at Saviah. :)

So many wineries, so little time!

Vee said...

I know that you and Chris are sisters and the other two gals must also be sisters...they really look alike. Sounds as if this will become a regular spot for you to visit with all of the beautiful things to see and the wines to taste.

Sara said...

Wine and art...a wonderful combination! Those beautiful creatures at the first winery are stunning...what imagination. And, Dale Chihooly..well, if you ever get the chance you should visit his glass factory and museum in Tacoma. So gorgeous...

a woman who is said...

Sara: It is on my list!!!

Vee: The other gals are twins. Chris I have known them since we were sixteen :)

Barbara said...

All interesting pics including the statues. Have just been browing your Sis's pics too.How nice for you all to be together.

As you ask, I do ALL the pruning. The poem was not mine but I have had it so long I donot know where it originated.

Mermaids of the Lake said...

Wow! You took gorgeous pictures. It really is amazing to see how Walla Walla has changed in the last few years. Beautiful place, delicious wines! And... by the way, your grandbabies are just so darling! I love looking at their pictures.

Mermaid Debbie

Just a little something from Judy said...

I had a dear friend who grew up in Walla Walla so I appreciated seeing this post on the town. You do have a gift for capturing beauty. I like seeing your amazing photography on the artwork of this place.

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