Friday, May 7, 2010

What Happens When...

Can you find the three bunches of Thai Basil crowding my window sill?

You buy too big of a bunch of Thai Basil at the Asian market :)

Seems they have an appetite for lilies this spring...grrrr
What happens when you think the bunnies in your yard are cute....NOT!

her nest on my shelf...for short term storage :)
What happens when you go shopping with your sister and she leaves you with a lasting shopoholic syndrome ...ooophs.
You feel the need to buy your own nest

She buys the cool French like plaque

and it screams to be placed over your front door :)

Then she talks you into the cool gold wire bird cage...which you have no room for.  So you plop it the corner of the the bedroom to return....

Then after looking at it there for a week you decide...well I need to buy a nice black little table to replace the yucky plastic file cabinet that really didn't bother you before :)))))))))))

Just as I was walking out the door of Real Deals today, I saw the little black table that...shoot... I know I will be back for on Saturday !


Just a little something from Judy said...

This post made me smile. Oh, the things we blame on our sisters. Buy it...let it set in house with intent to take it back...keep it...and then need table to set it on. It all makes sense to me. I must tell you, that I really like the glass in your front door and side panels. It is beautiful! And, your new purchases look good too.

melissa said...

Sounds like your sister knows just what you need. :) All of it looks so pretty in your house, esp. the *over the door* thing!

Well done!

Knitting Mania said...

LOL..I love it sis!!! Wow the french architecture piece looks FANTASTIC...I showed Pat what ours will look like too, he really liked it! And there's my bird nest aww, Pat said it looked great on your shelf... hahahahaha

I'm sooo jealous I didn't go with you yesterday...can't wait to come back this summer so we can go again together!!! Glad your keeping the bird cage, it goes in your room beautifuly! :) So you found a small side table too, can't wait to see!

Vee said...

This one has me grinning... Don't sisters have the most amazing influence on each other? I can see that yours has been very busy spreading the influence nice and thick. Mercifully, she has wonderful taste!

As for Elizabeth Goudge books, I am requesting The Scent of Water and The Dean's Watch next. And my dear Aunt Amelia is sending me her copy of Pilgrim's Inn so it will be my first for the bookshelf. How blessed am I?!

You consider yourself opinionated? I consider myself the same, but I'd prefer that over being as wishy-washy as a wet sneaker filled with mud. ;> I find your opinions very refreshing!

Sara said...

I love your front door, with that lovely glass. Sigh! Maybe I need to go buy a new front door....LOL.

Have fun acquiring that little table!

a woman who is said...

Chris, tell Pat I agree with him :)

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