Thursday, August 7, 2008

now that i've seen..i am responsible!

These are my daughter's comments yesterday on her MySpace. For those of you that want to keep up on her goings on that don't have MySpace accounts I thought I would post this for you with her permission.

Jenna shared her experience of visiting a garbage slum with me on Monday and I have been impacted by it all week!

Aug 6, 2008 10:18 AM

oh my lands..i just realized...

i have no summer.=/but i'm totally okay with it. Last night i got to go to a conference. Over 7,000 youth worshiping God.It was incredible!!pictures soon to come.But the past two days have been quite amazing.Ever been to a garbage slum? know what that is? Its literally boxes used to make homes on top of garbage dump. Its insane! Something you cant just look at a picture to have to see it with your own eyes.Before i left..someone was upset i would change. Honestly this change has been the best thing that's ever happened to me. Learning to live a life that not focused on myself. I'm starting to understand why i was created..and that i was created to make a difference.And finally..ohhh finally...i'm learning to not hold back. All my life i've held things back and it seemed to have bite me in the __ this march...but i learned. Oh did i learn. Its amazing how stupid you can be and Amazing things can always come out of it.Maybe you think i've gone crazy now...maybe i have.haha

Anyways missing quite a few of you. Another month and half. Then we will see where God wants to take me next..Home? Australia?

Happy children in garbage slum
Listening to Ms Jenna

This daughter of mine is killing me...killing my flesh that is...ouch! It is a good thing =] Of coarse I want her to come home...

but...Kingdom come...will of God be done

God bless her, and keep her, and may Your light shine upon her.

Jenna's blog


The Texican said...

So refreshing to see our young people do what God has for them to do. I think newspapers should focus on these kids and keep the others out of the lime light. Thanks for sharing. Pappy

Nadine said...

She is amazing. What wonderful things God is doing through her and to her while she is away.

I just love her.

Lavinia said...

Jesus is using your daughter as His instrument and that is the best thing I've seen, heard, or read all day. She answered his Call...He stood at the door and knocked and she opened the door wide....

Bless your daughter!!

Strider said...

I read her blog this evening. She is really pumped. Nice mural they did huh? She is a changed woman. God is good.

Charm and Grace said...

Looks like Jenna is right in the center of His will right now. There is no safer place... I am praying that my 3 children will find this out sooner than later! Thanks for sharing her with us.


Knitting Mania said...

She's an inspiration to us all. Yup she's a change gal that's for sure.

The faces of these children bring hope to us all, even in the midst of their harsh circumstances they smile and we complain because we don't have this and that, so humbling!

Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Sorta knocks the wind out of one's sails now, doesn't it? There are simply no words, except to say that you've done something right to raise such an incredible gal.

nanatrish said...

You have shared such a sweet snapshot of Jenna's journey and it has really touched me. She is so blessed at such a young age to see how others in our world live. In our country we are so overwhelmed with excess that it's hard sometimes to realize their are so many hungry people in the world. God loves us all and not just 'certain' people. She gives me so much hope for our next generation. God is so good!

MARIA said...

She is great!
God bless her job
and her young life.

Thank you for sharing!!!

MARIA said...

I visited Jenna's blog
and I was touched! She is amazing!

Rosezilla said...

Wow, I can see why she was so deeply affected by this. Those children are so beautiful in the midst of the ugliness!

Sara said...

Your daughter is having the experience of a lifetime and what a blessing it is to her and she, in turn, to others. Years ago I knew a woman who grew up in such a garbage slum in Mexico; she told us how she and her whole family would pick through the trash every day to find things to eat or sell. The kids would even chew the already chewed and discarded bubble gum they found....little do most of us know or understand what desperate measures much of our fellow humanity is forced to take in order to simply survive.

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