Monday, August 4, 2008

Saturday Eve with P.T.

With the price of gas these days we are taking a little closer look at what our city has to offer in the way of local entertainment. One of the things we (my husband and I) tend to over look is one of the great natural resources running right through our backyard so to speak...the Columbia River. We live in a city composed of three towns that gather along this river, called the Tri Cities.
So join us on a Saturday night stroll with Puddin Toes along the river banks of our town.
Here are some interesting facts I pulled up on line about our city...which I apparently need to appreciate a little bit more than I have. We really do live in a great place.

Tri-Cities Facts and Trivia

The heart of Washington's wine country. With over 300 days of sunshine.

Largest open-air fresh produce market in Washington State
Second largest navigational lock in the world
First commercial airport west of the Mississippi
Rattlesnake mountain - tallest treeless mountain in the western hemisphere
Last free-flowing stretch of the mighty Columbia River
Nation's 2nd largest wine producing area
Ten golf courses
63 wineries in a 50 mile radius
Three rivers: Yakima, Columbia and Snake Rivers
Eight museums and visitor centers
Eight National Wildlife Refuges and nature trails
Four National Historic Register sites

The combined population of Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland is 110,940

Including Benton and Franklin counties is 178,000

Tri-Cities elevation ranges from 300 feet to 700 feet. With the Rattlesnake Mountain Ridge elevation reaching 3,500 feet.

Tri-Cities' Columbia Valley lies on the same latitude as the great Burgundy and Bordeaux regions of France--with rich volcanic soil, and perfect temperature for growing the best wine grapes.

The Columbia Valley Appellation (viticultural region) is home to the Yakima Valley, Walla Walla Valley, and Red Mountain sub-appellations.

One new winery opening every 18 days in the state of Washington (According to the Washington Wine Commission, 1999) 99% of the Washington's wine grapes come from eastern Washington's Columbia Valley 26 varieties of wine grown Ranking of production volume:

California #1
Washington #2
New York #3
Oregon #4

Maybe I don't need to go to France, just do a little wine tasting in my "own backyard"

(just kidding Karen)

The many faces of Puddin Toes


Vee ~ A Haven for Vee said...

Oh thank you for including all the shots of Puddin' them! She's growing a little fast, don'tcha think?

We would all do well to think of local places to visit with the gas crunch. Course it might help if we didn't have to visit the transfer station and the ice cream shop...our only local items of interest. LOL!

nanatrish said...

I love seeing Puddin' Toes. She's such a sweetie. She is really growing. I know you love taking her in the stroller. It reminds me of our times with Avery. It all goes so fast. You live in a beautiful place and I think we all will be staying close to home more as gas prices are so crazy. I still can't get over how beautiful your Tuscan Dream Land is. Please keep going with your art. Didn't it feel great to get back in? We need to do things for ourselves at times. luv ya, Trish

Dee Dee said...

Gotta love that little Puddin Toes...I'm seeing two tiny little bottom teeth :) how precious...A gorgeous place to walk by the river...and your photos are awesome..thank you for sharing so much about your know, God's does good work...what a beautiful world we live in :)

Sandy said...

Oh, such a cutie.
Local entertainment is great, and sometimes best in our own backyard!
Great post.

The Texican said...

Beautiful area and wine too. What more could you want? And one more good reason to walk everywhere you go. No such thing as a WWI violation. hee hee Pappy

Jenna said...

whoa 110,000 people in tricities..i should know things like this. But i dont. And one of my favorite parks..ED is gettin chunky...we will get a long quite well when i go home (everything is fried in indo..gaining pounds like never before)


Charm and Grace said...

I have to admit, the pictures of the river are beautiful... but they don't hold a candle to the pictures of puddin' toes! I can't tell you how many new moms I have told about your affectionate name for your gorgeous granddaughter! They all smile with delight at the thought. I always called my babies' toes "peanut toes" but puddin' toes is -- to quote Jack Sparrow -- "much more better."


Knitting Mania said...

Great Uncle Pat says, 'Puddin Toes' has lots of Norwegian in her! HA She's getting so big, and I bet she's getting a great big personality too!

The Post of the Tri-Cities was so interesting. And to think back in the early 70's when we all showed up it was just a small farming communtiy, amazing!

See ya soon!

Nadine said...

She's so cute. I love the picture of her sticking out her tongue.

Strider said...

Nice post. But you didn't show the picture of Starbucks not far from your walk!!

Judy said...

I did a little research on Tri-cities when I went to watch a ballgame between the Vancouver Canadians and Tri-cities. I had never heard of those three cities. Thanks for sharing the I know what it looks like (lovely!).

And what could be more fun than strolling along the river on a summer evening with a most precious granddaughter?

Jen(n) said...

I love that park. Boaz and I have had many a long walks there. In fact, the day he was born Ty and I must have walked that path along the river about 3 times back and forth!!

They are beautiful pictures. Glad you are having such a wonderful time being part of pudding toes life!

CIELO said...

Such a pretty place.... and that baby is just ADORABLE! I want one! :)



steviewren said...

Thanks for visiting my blog today. Please come anytime. I agree with you, the whole nation needs to take August for a month long holiday. I do have a week of vacation planned later this month....probably what I was daydreaming about!

Your photos of your city are gorgeous and your granddaughter is a cutie. I can see that you have lots of natural wonders at your fingertips to enjoy.

Madison Richards said...

Can't decide which pics I love more - the river or the baby - they're both gorgeous!

Some of those facts I didn't know about the Tri Cities! Thanks for enlightening me!

(P.S. France is still worth it!)


MARIA said...

Cute baby
and happy with lovely grandfather!
Thank you for sharing-
a lot of blessings to you and to your family!

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